Wisconsin Highland Games

Irish Feis

Feis registration: www.feisworx.com

The 2018 Wisconsin Scottish Feis is Saturday Sept. 1 and the 2018 Wisconsin Highland Games Feis is Sunday Sept. 2, in the Forum Building.

  • Irish Step Dance (ISD) Competition
  • Solo (ISD) Dance
  • Open (ISD) Championship
  • Baking Competition
  • Archery Tournament
  • Clan Challenge Knife & Battle Ax Throwing Competition
  • Single Stick Fencing Tournament
  • Haggis Hurling Competition

Parking and registration opens at 7:00 am. Opening ceremonies will be at 8:15 am. Competition begins at 8:30 am.

Both days the Feis will be held in the South/East/North Halls of the Forum building, located north of the Arena building. There will be a separate entry gate near the Forum. No coolers or outside food is allowed.