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Celtic Marketplace 

(Merchant vendor form)

Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

 Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Wisconsin Highland Games feature a large Celtic Marketplace with merchants selling a wide range of products including kilts, kilt accessories, clothing, art, jewelry, novelties, and much more.

2023 Merchants

Outside Vendors

 St. Kilda USA                                 Traditional Scottish & Irish Highland wear, T-shirts,  Kilts, Jackets                                                             and Kilts and kilt accessories, Clan memorabilia


Dark River Pottery & Forge            Handcrafted and Custom Glazed cups, plates, bowls,                                                                              mugs, goblets, tea sets, vases and decorative items


Earthy Smells                                   Essential oils, fragrance oils and accessories.


Mystic Ireland                                   Irish, Celtic & Guinness wearables and gifts


Nancy’s Sweet Nothings                Scottish Shortbread, scones, tablet, flap jack, muffins, dry drink                                                              mixes, breads & mixes, Knitted items


Museum Replica Shop                   Scottish and Celtic themed museum replica jewelry, rings,                                                                      earrings, pendants & necklaces


New Life Sporrans                         Custom made Sporrans and belt buckles, kilt pins


Familie Online Bakery                   Pre-packaged Scones, cookies, bars, loaves

                                                              (sugar and gluten free options)


Wood & Flora                                 Shields, flower Crowns, foam sowrds, Celtic knot necklaces                                                                     and gaming accessories


Third Eye Fern                                 Handmade Jewelry, wire wrapped chainmail,

                                                           leather and hammered


MRM                                                 Jewelry, hats, bags and clothing

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories             Hair accessories including flexi-flips, upins, detangler                                                                               and hair serum


 Inside Vendors   (Forum)

 O'Malley's European Market        Irish & British Foods


 Chocolate Moonshine                    Luxury Chocolates, gourmet fudge, hand painted truffle bars,                                                               decadent hand made confections


The Way We Were                            Victorian Scottish Jewelry (1800's to mid 1900's)


The Way We Were                          Victorian Scottish Jewelry (1800's to mid 1900's)


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