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You don't have to be a Scottish athlete or dancer to work up an appetite at the Wisconsin Highland Games, so we have plenty of food vendors on hand serving up delicious dishes both ethnic and more mainstream, from breakfast through lunch and dinner, and of course, dessert and snacks!

Please note – carry-in food and drink are not permitted at the Wisconsin Highland Games.

2022 Food Menus

  • ARENA BUILDING: Young’s Pub and Grill (Extra Touch Catering):

  • -Friday: Cod Fish Fry Dinner and Baked Cod Dinner ; Cheese-Burgers and Brats; French Fries; Soda, Sports Drinks & Fresh made Lemonade

  • -Saturday & Sunday: Breakfast : Open at 7am: Croissant Egg Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich: Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls; Coffee.

  • Cheese-Burgers; Chicken Strip Basket; Brats;French Fries; Cheese Curds; Soda, Sports Drinks & Fresh made Lemonade

  • Celtic Foods: Beef and Potato Pasties; Sheppard’s Pie; Scotch Eggs; Haggis with Neeps and Tatties



  • Po’Manz Foods: Dripp’n Crab Boil; Crab-On-A-Log; Blaze’n Glaze’n Cajun Gumbo; Catfish Nuggets; Deep Fried Catfish Nuggets, Crawfish, Coconut Shrimp, Nashville Hot Shrimp, Polish with a Twist; Boneless Wyngz Galore; Nacho -Tot-Tundra; Shrimp Sale; Shrimp-On-A-Boat; Walk’n Shrimp; Sloppy Toppy Smandwich; Signature Fruit Lemonades – Strawberry, Dancing Mango, Boston Banana Blitz, Caribbean Twist; Assorted Soda & Water



  • Bubble Waffle Shoppe: Chicken & Bubble Waffle, Cheesy Bubble Waffle, Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Cone and Bubble Tea with Popping Boba Balls

  • Catrina Café Coffees: Drip Coffee, Café de Olla & Decaf; Pastries- Conchas; Chocolate Croissant; guava pastries 

  •  Iced Beverages: Iced brewed coffee (signature/cafe de olla) Raspberry lemonade; Hibiscus; Chai Latte

  • Cousins Subs: Your favorite Hot and Cold subs made to order; French Fries; Cheese Curds; Cheese Fries; Chips; Assorted Soda & Water

  • Colonel’s Kettle Corn: Sweet Kettle Corn freshly made on site; Soda & Water

  • Cornman: Corn on the Cob; Corn in a cup with toppings; Soda & Water

  • Dream Chinese-Uyghur Grill: Lamb Kabob; Vegetable Egg Roll; Chinese Burger; Soda & Water

  • Familie Bakery: European style baked goods: Assorted Scones, German butter cookies, Stollen cookies, Linzer’s (2 packs), cookie butter bars, Austrian Bundt cakes, Mozart loaf and some gluten friendly items - Pound cakes and Coffee cake muffins

  • G-Force: Tasty ½ lb Hotdogs with a variety of toppings, Nachos & Cheese,

  • Soda & Water

  • MILWOKEE Asian Street Food: Proudly serving Egg Rolls, Chicken Fried Rice, Crab Rangoon, Shrimp Tempura, Potstickers, Veggie Spring Rolls and a variety of beverages like Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Fruit Smoothies, Frozen Lemonade, Soda & Water

  • Pizza Ranch: Delicious Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza Slices; Chicken Tender Basket; Waffle Fries; Cheeseburger; Celtic Foods: Scottie Dog; Reuben Fries, Haggis Fries, Reuben Wrap; Soda & Water

  • Scrima’s Wood Fired Pizza:  - Pepperoni, Cheese, Sausage and Vegetables pizza by the slice or pie; Soda & Water

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