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Living History

A Man At Arms

The Wisconsin Highland Games present our knight:

Please welcome A Man At Arms:

An accurate recreation of the Medieval military encampment of a European knight from the 15th Century. Visitors to the site on the grounds will learn how the knight put on his armor, how it functioned, and how it evolved over the centuries, what weapons the knight wielded, and his essential role in Medieval society as well as on the battlefield. Check program or sign on site for scheduled show times.

Gryphon Poursuivant

(reenactment troupe)

The mission of Gryphon Poursuivant is to bring the history of the European Renaissance to life. Our goal is to educate both the young and old on the daily life of a siege encampment.

To this end, we diligently try to incorporate all daily living activities along with the military aspect of a company of siege engineers. We offer various interactive areas including cooking, brewing, use of siege weapons, small arms and armor, indoor and outdoor games and simple musical instruments.  In the end we strive to have the patron walk away with a better sense of how people lived and functioned in a mobile military siege encampment during the 16th century.

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