Kids Area

Li'l Rampant Lions Children's Area



  • Activities 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


  • Activities 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Li'l Rampant Lions Kids Area is a place for kids to play, run around, get their faces painted, do some fun activities, and maybe even win some prizes!

Kids should be sure to pick up their Wisconsin Highland Games Passport at the Kids Area when they arrive. Then, as they explore the Games, they can ask to get their passport stamped at lots of different places they visit along the way, like clans, merchants, and other participants. Not only will they meet plenty of interesting people and kids along the way, but they'll learn all about cool Scottish and Irish things. Bring the completed passport back to the Kids Area when you're finished for a prize!

There's always drawing and coloring materials for kids to capture the moment and display their creative talents. And if they're into wearable art, they can get their face painted (or arms, hands, legs...) with their choice of all kinds of Scottish designs like the Scottish flag, the Rampant Lion, and who knows, maybe even Braveheart William Wallace himself!        (While supplies last)

And of course, you're never too young to start aspiring to the Scottish and Irish Heavy Athletics competitions, so there's always some kid-size versions of the athletic events to heave around – including the caber (that giant pole that the big guys turn!).

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