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We're Sorry!

The 2023 Feis has been canceled. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2024 Feis!

Feis 2024 

(2024 info coming soon!)


Wisconsin Scottish/Wisconsin Highland Games


The 2024 Wisconsin Scottish Feis is Saturday and the 2024 Wisconsin Highland Games Feis is Sunday in the Forum Building.

  • Irish Step Dance (ISD) Competition

  • Solo (ISD) Dance

  • Open (ISD) Championship

  • Baking Competition

  • Archery Tournament

  • Knife & Battle Ax Throwing Competition

  • Haggis Hurling Competition

Parking and registration opens at 7:00 am. Opening ceremonies will be at 8:15 am. Competition begins at 8:30 am.

Both days the Feis will be held in the South/East/North Halls of the Forum building, located north of the Arena building. There will be a separate entry gate near the Forum. No coolers or outside food allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check in?

All Feisers will check in to receive their packet at the entry to the Forum building. There is one packet per family per day.

What’s in my packet?

  • 2 entry tickets. Dancers get in free and do NOT need a ticket

  • Stage assignment

  • Competitor numbers

  • Map of the building

Who Needs a Ticket?

Anyone who is not a dancer will need a ticket to enter the grounds. This includes siblings, friends, and other relatives. (Children age 12 and under are free) 2 entry tickets are included in your registration.

Can I Pick up BOTH packets on Saturday?

No. This is to ensure against the loss of tickets, competition numbers, and other information for the families as these are non-refundable and will not be reprinted if lost.

Is there parking available?

Yes there is parking for a nominal fee available on site.

I am volunteering: how do I check in and receive my extra ticket?

Entry to the forum building, same as dancer check in. You will initial that you have checked in and will receive your extra ticket there.

Is there a used dress sale area?

Yes, near the camping room there are several dress racks to assist in facilitating used dress sales.

Is there camping at or near the stages?

No. This is to ensure that all walkways remain clear and all seating is available for competitors and spectators only. There is a large designated camping area available for use.

Oops! I have extra people with me and not enough tickets, how do I purchase additional tickets?

There will be tickets available for purchase on the grounds or ahead of time on our website. To ensure speed when checking in and entering the games, we recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time on our website.

I am only coming to watch the feis and not the games: do I need a ticket?

YES! Entry into the feis is also entering the grounds for our games. The grounds are then open to you whether you decide to participate in the games or stay in the Feis area. We encourage all to come and see some of the amazing activities that are available to you.

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