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Crawford Archery Field

Saturday & Sunday

Ever wanted to shoot the longbow? Here's your chance! The Wisconsin Highland Games offers free archery instruction all day Saturday and Sunday for aspiring archers of all ages. Just head down to the Longbow Area at the far end of the grounds.

When the archers aren't giving free instruction to Wisconsin Highland Games visitors on Saturday and Sunday, they're competing!

Longbow Tournaments

The Company of the Belted Badger holds two tournaments during the course of the Games:

Both the St. George's Charge and the Scottish Clout are held on Saturday and Sunday.

St. George's Charge is a shoot that has been a tradition in archery since the 16th century. Archers begin at a distance of 40 yards and move up to 30 then 20 yards.


Scottish Clout is a traditional event where archers launch arrows at distances of 125 yards and 180 yards at targets drawn on the earth

with a claymore sword in the middle.

A SHOT IN THE DARK! The story of our visually impaired Archery Team.

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